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We Do One Thing and We Do It Well

1,869 BCF

2018 Proved Reserves


Net Effective Acres


Held by Production

> 20

Years of Inventory

850 MMcfd

Operated Production

Haynesville Basin Map

We are entirely focused on developing natural gas from our 184,000 net effective acres from the Haynesville Basin located in Northwest Louisiana where we have exposure to two substantial pay zones: the Haynesville and Mid-Bossier. Both are among the highest-quality, highest-return, dry-gas shales in North America and they share highly analogous properties: over-pressured reservoir, consistent geology, high-porosity, permeability and thickness, all of which underpin predictable and industry-leading well performance.

At Vine we believe passion, discipline and determination are the tenets that build long-term value. Of tantamount importance is the phrase coined by CEO Eric Marsh in 2014, which became Vine's identity and purpose: We Do One Thing and We Do It Well.

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The Haynesville is experiencing a resurgence as one of the highest-quality, highest-return natural gas resource plays in North America, and Vine is at the center of it.


  • Large, contiguous position with consistent geology
  • Centered in the highest OGIP area and lowest clay content
  • Deepest, highest pressure part of the basin
  • Best in class rock properties combined with leading edge completions design yielding highest productivity in the basin
  • Extensive midstream in place to support long-term production growth
  • Proximity to U.S. Gulf Coast markets virtually eliminates basis differential risk
  • Technical team has experience in the basin since its inception
  • Vine has drilled more than 100 wells in the Haynesville since April 2015
  • Vine's Haynesville wells are performing to as high as 2.7 Bcf/1,000' and yield 80-95% IRR on a 7,500' lateral at $3/MMbtu

One of the most exciting parts of the Vine story is our exposure to the prolific Mid-Bossier formation. Historically, operators have bypassed the Mid-Bossier to earn land rights to the deeper Haynesville formation. However, today the play is experiencing attention similar to the Haynesville, and it's a primary target for Vine.


  • We've completed the most Mid-Bossier wells of any producer in Louisiana and more than the entire industry combined
  • Vine's position is located at the core of the play
  • Among the lowest clay content in the Basin
  • Technical analysis confirms analogous reservoir properties to the Haynesville
  • Mid-Bossier and Haynesville have more than sufficient vertical separation (300' - 600') to ensure effective stimulations of each zone
  • Over 130 wells drilled over the past ten years has deliniated our Mid-Bossier position
  • Mid-Bossier is about 500' shallower than the Haynesville and is at a lower temperature
  • One of Vine’s wells, completed in February 2017, is the single best Mid-Bossier well in all of Louisiana and Texas based on initial 60-days of data
  • Vine's Mid-Bossier wells are performing to as high as 2.5 Bcf/1,000' and yield 60% IRR on a 7,500' lateral at $3/MMbtu